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Baton Rouge Car Accident Resources


If you’ve been in a car accident, it can be physically and emotionally hard to recover. Getting your life back on track is extremely important so you can get back to work and be with your family and friends again. After being in a Baton Rouge car accident, there are some things you should remember to do to make the medical, insurance, and legal process much easier. 

Check Yourself and Others for Injuries 

Before moving forward with any insurance contact information, make sure you and the other people involved in the accident are ok. Ensuring everyone is healthy and doesn’t need immediate medical attention is the most important thing to do. 

Call 911

It’s recommended that you always call 911 even if no one has serious injuries. Paramedics can look at everyone to make sure there are no internal injuries. Police can also come to the scene to help discuss options for reporting. 

In some states, it’s also legally required for every car accident, whether it is minor or not. The officers will be able to fill out an accident report and document the scene. When you file claims with insurance, you will have to bring in a copy of the police report. 

Always Exchange Information

Even if there is no noticeable damage to the car, you should exchange information with anyone else involved in the accident (unless you were in a single-car accident). This information can come in handy later if you start to notice there are issues. 

Sometimes your car might start having issues a few days or weeks later from the accident, so it’s always a good idea to get the information and file a report in case this happens. 

Make sure you get the following documentation:

  • Full name and contact information 
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • Driver’s license and license plate number 
  • Type, color, and model of vehicle 
  • Location of accident 

You should avoid discussing fault with the people who were in the accident with you. The insurance company will review the claim and decide who was at fault. Always allow them to come and inspect the vehicle after an accident so they can decide who is at fault and they can adjust the claim according to who they find is at fault. 

Document Everything from the Scene

It’s also a good idea to take pictures of everything from the scene in case you need them later. You should take pictures of all vehicles, especially if there is damage to them. Even if it’s just a little paint scratch, make sure to take a photo. 

Consider Partnering with a Lawyer 

If you have suffered extensive injuries, consider reaching out to a lawyer in Baton Rouge. Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can make sure you have all the documents you need and can talk to the insurance adjusters for you. They can also seek compensation for you. 

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