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Proving Your Car Was Totaled

If you’ve been recently involved in a car accident, you already know that your physical and mental health are not the only elements that are going to come out damaged as a result. Your personal property, especially your vehicle, will most likely be damaged. This situation can cause considerable harm to your finances. That’s why filing an accident claim is recommended. 

Your compensation is an insurance company’s loss, and taking legal action might not be as straightforward as most drivers might think. A lawyer’s help is essential when negotiating and while gathering evidence that can prove how your car was totaled as a result of an accident. Talk to the lawyers at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers for help proving your damages. 

Photographic Evidence

The images captured in the aftermath of a car accident are valuable for your claim. If you’re not severely injured and unable to move, taking pictures of both vehicles, road conditions, debris, and eventual skid marks will give you an advantage. Accusing you of exaggerating is going to be difficult for insurance companies when you present evidence.

Other than proving your car was totaled, photographic evidence is also needed to establish your settlement amount during negotiations, and not paying attention could result in a lowball offer. Don’t forget to include details like internal damage in your captured images. Your smartphone camera should be enough to obtain this type of evidence. 

Witness Testimony

Statements from witnesses who can describe the collision accurately are a fundamental element for cases involving a road crash. You should always find a way to get in touch with them if they are present, and exchanging contact information is a good way to do so. 

They can confirm that the other driver’s negligence caused a preventable collision, and can explain how your car was severely damaged as a result of the impact. They’re also important if an agreement with the at-fault party can’t be reached, as they can back up your version of the facts and convince a judge that you deserve a fair settlement. 

Repair Records

You should always keep all records related to car repair costs, as they’re an important part of your settlement and help quantify damage in a monetary value, especially if you’ve already received an estimate from a collision repair shop. They can also prove the existence of improvements made to your vehicle, which increase its value. 

Keep in mind that repairing a totaled vehicle could not be worth it. A vehicle is considered totaled when the repair costs approach or exceed a car’s actual value, so remember to take legal action before proceeding and paying out of your own pockets, as making a mistake could ruin your chances of obtaining the maximum amount of compensation available. 

Prove Your Losses with a Car Accident Attorney’s Aid

Acquiring evidence can be difficult if your injuries are influencing your quality of life, and adjusters could choose to ignore it or proceed with frustrating strategies to lower your chances of being adequately compensated. A car accident attorney can proceed on your behalf with investigations, negotiations, and a lawsuit if necessary. 

At Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, we consider your case a priority and act accordingly when insurance adjusters inevitably try to avoid giving you the money you deserve. You can get started today with a free consultation—all you have to do is give us a call at 225-387-2323 or fill out our online contact form below.