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Accident Caused by a Defective Tire: Can I Sue? 


Most people drive their vehicles without giving much thought to safety. You think that if you wear your seat belt and get your car serviced once in a while that everything will be fine. Unfortunately, auto parts can cause accidents, so it’s important to be on the lookout for defective parts.

For instance, you should check your tires to look for any signs of wear and you should take your vehicle in to have the tires serviced regularly. Even when you take steps to ensure your tires are up to par, you could still be injured in an accident. Tire defects occur during manufacturing, and your life could be turned upside down because of a defective tire.

Figuring Out What Caused Your Accident

If a defective tire did cause your auto wreck, how do you prove it? How can you even be sure it was a defective tire that caused the wreck? Investigation is a key component of any injury case. Without investigation you won’t know what caused the accident or who is responsible for paying for it.

The police who arrive on scene will usually perform an investigation. Accident scene experts are sometimes called in to find the cause of the accident. This evidence, along with other types of evidence, can help you prove what happened. Then you can go after the person who is liable for your damages.

What to Do if a Defective Tire Caused Your Accident

Have you determined that your accident was caused by a defective tire? Do you have evidence that proves your case? You might be considering filing a personal injury claim against the tire manufacturer. You have that right, and there are good reasons to file. 

For starters, you can get justice for what happened to you. You could also ensure that the manufacturer corrects the tire defects so that others aren’t also injured. You could also receive a settlement to pay for the negative effects of the accident that you’ve been dealing with.

You could be compensated through a settlement for your lost wages, medical costs, physical therapy costs, property damage, lost life enjoyment, mental trauma, and permanent injury.

A vehicle crash lawyer can assist you in filing your case. They can collect evidence that proves your claim. They can put your claim together, calculate your losses, and negotiate with insurers to bring you the settlement you need.

Contact an Auto Injury Attorney

Don’t delay in bringing a personal injury claim against a negligent tire manufacturer. You only have one year in Louisiana to file an injury case. Your case could serve several important functions, including winning you the financial award you need to move beyond your auto accident.

Make the call to Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers to talk with a Louisiana auto wreck attorney now. Dial 225-387-2323 or fill out and send in the online submission form below. You can receive a free case assessment by reaching out to our firm.