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3 Programs that Reduce Drunk Driving Rates


dui-2-3With Louisiana having higher than the average national rates of drunk driving throughout the state, the roads can be a scary place. You can be driving home from work or driving to a family get-together and risk being hit by a drunk driver.

If you’ve had to deal with the effects of drunk driving, we understand how difficult that can be. If you have been hit and injured, you are not alone. If you’re in need of an excellent attorney that focuses on car accident injuries in the Baton Rouge area, contact us at Spencer Calahan Injury Law.

Consider some of these processes that are working to reduce the rates of drunk driving across the nation.

Sobriety Checkpoints

Anyone who has ever lived in a college town has probably experienced going through a sobriety checkpoint. Police set up these road stops in order to check if drivers have been drinking or not. These checkpoints allow officers the ability to stop some or all individuals and utilize a breathalyzer test on any individuals they suspect are intoxicated.

Ignition Interlocks

These are devices that can be installed on a vehicle so that a breathalyzer test is administered before the car will start. They are typically used for multiple offenders and have had a good success rate reducing drunk drivers on the road.

School Instructional Programs

Many individuals who suffer the effects of drunk driving accidents are younger. Between first experiencing drinking at college to riding in cars with individuals who may be intoxicated, individuals under the age of 25 are at high risk to be affected by drunk driving. These are your children and family members at risk. School programs start education children at a young age about the risks of even being in a car with a driver who has consumed alcohol.

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