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Shenandoah Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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If you’re like most motorcycle riders, you probably go to great lengths to be safe and aware on Shenandoah’s roads. Unfortunately, though, even when you do your best to avoid danger, accidents do happen. In these cases, you probably assume your insurance company will be there to help mitigate the fallout.

Sadly, many victims like you are surprised to find that their insurers have no intention of helping with their injuries or medical care. However, there are ways to file a successful injury claim and get the help you need.

To obtain the compensation you’re looking for, work with a Shenandoah motorcycle accident lawyer at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers.

Motorcycle Accident Victims vs. Insurance Companies

Before you talk to the insurance company too much about your crash, it’s important to get in touch with a Shenandoah motorcycle crash lawyer. This is helpful for a few reasons.

First, you should know that the insurers will likely try to portray you and your driving skills in a negative light to avoid being responsible for your compensation.

To do this, insurance companies often rely on inaccurate depictions of motorcyclists being lawless, reckless, and dangerous on the roads. However, your motorcycle accident lawyer in Shenandoah will be able to prove that you followed the law and display your commitment to road safety to refute these attempts.

Secondly, you need to have an attorney representing you before you can discuss too many details of your accident with the insurer. The insurance adjuster will likely try to get you to give a recorded statement discussing what happened, but doing this could come back to bite you.

It’s incredibly easy to accidentally make yourself liable, and saying one wrong thing could affect your ability to collect compensation. Your lawyer will coach you on what to say and how to say it so you can prevent this from happening. We’ll even handle the insurance calls on your behalf.

Evidence Your Shenandoah Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Will Collect

Your Shenandoah motorcycle wreck lawyer will need to collect evidence for two parts of your case: evidence proving your lack of fault in the crash and evidence detailing the value of your injuries.

To do this, your lawyer may gather the following types of evidence:

  • Medical records from any examinations performed after the crash
  • Estimates regarding costs for present and future medical treatments
  • The police report filed on the scene
  • Photographs or video footage of your injuries and the accident
  • Contact information for any witnesses who were on the scene at the time of your collision in Shenandoah
  • Your motorcycle helmet

Speak with a Shenandoah Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle crash and are struggling to get by, the attorneys at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers would be honored to offer our assistance. With our legal experience and knowledge on your side, you’ll be able to streamline the filing process and build a bulletproof claim for compensation.

To speak with a Shenandoah motorcycle accident lawyer about your case, give us a call today at 225-387-2323 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page.