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Responding to a Low Settlement Offer from an Insurance Company

Seeking compensation after an accident isn’t an easy process, and it’s made more complicated and stressful by insurance companies that like to play games. No, they aren’t messing with you because they get a kick out of it (although it may sometimes seem that way). They give you a hard time because they’re interested in making as much money as they can.

Their primary objective is to turn a profit, so they will always start negotiations at the lowest figure they could possibly get away with offering. Starting low is a tactic straight out of the Negotiations 101 textbook.

Now you need to take a page out of that same book and learn more about responding to a low settlement offer from an insurance company.

How to Respond

First of all, you probably won’t want to take the first offer the insurance company makes you. Even if you do decide to accept an offer, you should probably discuss your decision with an attorney first to make sure you’re not being shortchanged.

If you decide that the offer isn’t one you will accept, here’s one way to respond that could help you reach the fair compensation you’re after:

  • Reject the offer and cite all the reasons you don’t believe the settlement is appropriate.
  • Furnish documentation that shows why the offer is not the amount you deserve. Documentation and evidence will help your case.
  • Make your demand. Make a counteroffer that you believe is more appropriate, and use your evidence to back it up.

Speak with a Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t get swindled by the insurance company. Your response to a low settlement offer from an insurance company is something that must be handled with care if you want to receive full compensation. Your lawyer will know how to negotiate for the compensation owed to you by using your evidence as a bargaining tool.

Remember—insurance companies don’t really want to go to court, so negotiations can be a great time to get the fair compensation you deserve.

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