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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

After a dog bite, the victims may feel reluctant to file a claim against the responsible party, such as a friend, family member, or neighbor, out of guilt. For as high as the cost of your medical care, lost wages, and emotional trauma may be, it can still be an uncomfortable position to be in. 

The good news is, in most instances, your friend, family member, or neighbor’s insurance will pick up the tab to pay for your losses. Read on to find out when homeowners insurance covers a dog bite injury and how a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer can help.

Homeowners Insurance and Dog Bites: What Does it Cover?

Dog bites are scary. When an aggressive or untrained dog attacks you, the ordeal can leave you with significant losses: financial, medical, and psychological. 

By filing a claim, you can recover damages related to the incident. But will the responsible owner’s homeowners insurance cover the costs?

Most of the time, yes. 

Very commonly homeowners insurance policies will be able to cover the cost of your dog bite damages in a settlement. However, the medical and liability limits built into the policy could impact the amount of money the insurance company will be able to give. 

For example, in the event that you suffered catastrophic injuries and the responsible party has a policy with low medical limits, they could find themselves on the hook for a portion of your compensation. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you understand the role of the insurance company for recovering a financial settlement. 

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