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Baton Rouge Construction Accident FAQ

After suffering an injury on the job, you need answers to everything you need to know about construction accidents. Below are answers to a list of common questions we get from victims of Baton Rouge construction accidents.

You can also speak with a Baton Rouge construction accident lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers for questions that are specific to your personal injury case.

What Qualifies as a Construction Accident?

A work accident is any harmful incident that occurs while carrying out occupational duties and causes injuries or wrongful death. Some examples of construction accidents include falling equipment or debris, fires, slip-and-falls, electrocution, exposure to toxic substances, and falling from heights.  

Who Will Pay for Injuries Caused by a Construction Accident?

Your employer is required to pay for any injuries caused by a construction accident through the workers compensation program. Under some circumstances that we’ll discuss below, a construction accident lawyer can help you seek compensation from liable third parties by filing a personal injury claim, as well.

What if I Am Laid Off After Filing for Workers Comp?

Legally, an employer cannot fire you because of filing for workers compensation, but they can due to employee misconduct, reduced performance, or company issues, among other reasons. If the latter happens, you’ll still continue to receive compensation until you attain maximum medical improvement (MMI)

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim After Receiving Workers Comp?

Yes, you can file an injury claim against liable third parties even after receiving workers compensation or if your employer does not have this policy. For a valid claim, an attorney can help you prove that the incident involved malice or negligence or defective equipment, or that you were exposed to harmful substances that caused your injuries.   

How Long Should I Wait to File an Injury Claim?

To get the most from your compensation, you should file a personal injury claim after you start receiving workers compensation benefits, but also within the one-year time limit, as required by Louisiana law.   

Get in Touch with a Construction Accident Lawyer 

Does your construction accident allow you to seek more than workers compensation? A construction accident attorney can guide you through your options, including whether you can file a personal injury claim.

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