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Central Truck Accident Lawyer

Your semi-truck crash has left you hurting. Get justice and compensation for your injuries and damages by working with a Central big rig wreck attorney at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers.

An 18-wheeler collision is going to cause some serious injuries because of the massive size difference between the average vehicle and a commercial truck. If you’ve sustained serious injuries due to a negligent trucker, or other negligent party, you are owed damages for all that you’ve suffered.

Submitting and winning an injury claim in Louisiana takes some effort, but it’s worth it in the end. You could be awarded a settlement for all your damages, such as lost work wages, medical treatment costs, and your pain and suffering. Get in touch with a Central truck accident lawyer from our firm to get started on your claim.

What Could Cause a Semi-Truck to Crash in Central, Louisiana?

A variety of things can go wrong while out on the road that cause commercial trucks to crash. One example: the trucker could get a blowout and lose control of the truck. Another example: a pothole could cause the trucker to move out of their lane and collide with you.

Below are some of the common reasons for tractor-trailer collisions in Louisiana:

Fighting for Damages for Your Central Truck Accident Injuries

Even though you know you deserve to be paid compensation from the person responsible for hurting you, getting the money you’re owed is not always easy. This is mostly because insurance companies will do anything to keep settlements low. The more they pay out in a settlement, the less money they make.

The insurer will try to find any excuse they can to pay you less. They will try some pretty sneaky tactics, so you better watch out.

Your Central semi-truck crash lawyer’s job is to negotiate with the insurer and get the fair settlement owed to you. If you try talking with them on your own you could be taken advantage of. They can’t get anything over on our attorneys. Listed below are some of the damages you can be paid when you win a truck injury case:

  • Missed work wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Permanent injury and scarring
  • Mental trauma and treatment
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Pain and suffering

Get Started on Your Central Truck Accident Claim

Tractor-trailer collisions can cause some of the worst injuries imaginable, and when you didn’t cause the wreck, you can sue for damages. Winning a claim against the at-fault party is a complicated process with many steps that must be done correctly. Make sure that your claim is given its best chance at success by partnering with an injury lawyer.

A Central truck accident lawyer at our firm can investigate your 18-wheeler crash, collect evidence needed to prove your injuries and losses, and negotiate with insurers to see that you receive the settlement you deserve. Obtain a free case review when you call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers at 225-387-2323 or fill out the form below.