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Baton Rouge Truck Accident Spine Injury Lawyer

While every serious motor vehicle accident has a corresponding risk for injury, this is especially true of collisions involving 18-wheelers. Some of the most devastating injuries seen in these crashes involve damage to the spine.

A back injury can easily change your life for the worse—especially if it led to full or partial paralysis. When someone else was at fault for the semi-truck accident, it shouldn’t be you paying the bills involved with your recovery and care.

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can help you recover the full compensation you need and deserve. A Baton Rouge truck accident spine injury lawyer from our office will help you hold the negligent party accountable and obtain the settlement you are owed.

Caring for a Back Injury Is Expensive

The compensation we help you obtain needs to factor in all of the financial losses caused by your spine injury, both current and future. While the trucking company’s insurer might offer to settle your claim early on, you can bet that they’ll be leaving things out and lowballing your offer.

Whether you fractured vertebrae or suffered a completing severing of the spinal column, the medical care you’ll need is not going to be inexpensive. From surgeries to back braces, it will add up, and you might need care well into your future.

If you were paralyzed or otherwise had your mobility limited, you’ll also need special equipment to get around, such as wheelchairs and powered scooters. This will also likely entail renovating your house, such as by adding ramps and widening doorways.

Depending on your job, you might also be unable to work or have to switch careers. This lost income and the cost of retraining needs to be compensated to you along with all of your other financial damages.

Your Lost Quality of Life Should Be Compensated

A spine injury suffered in a truck accident can greatly decrease the quality of your life. Paralysis can make it impossible to take part in activities you’ve always enjoyed in the past, and it can greatly strain your marriage and personal relationships while you adjust.

Likewise, the emotional trauma can be devastating, as you may have to adjust to a completely new way of life.

Even if you didn’t suffer a paralyzing spinal injury, a serious back injury can still limit your mobility, inflict chronic pain, and expose you to increased risk of reinjury.

Much of this falls into the category of non-economic damages, which are just as important to get compensated for as financial losses. With our help, your compensation will fully account for all of the losses you’ve experienced, even if they don’t have an obvious dollar value.

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Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers is dedicated to helping accident victims obtain every cent of compensation they are owed. We can help you hold the trucker or trucking company responsible for the crash that damaged your spine or back.

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