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You Are a Good Lawyer

Dave, the word on the street is that you are a good lawyer and that you are going to take care of clients.

Derric W.

Awesome job.

Awesome job. Huge thanks to Chris and Spencer. I was looking for someone to make the insurance company do the right thing and they did just that in a very timely and professional way.

B. Adams

I would not hesitate to recommend your firm.

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how happy I was with the representation I got from Chris. He was very professional, but also very kind to me. I received a large settlement, which was unexpected for my type of case. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm, and especially Chris, to anyone who needs it.

J. Blair

I am coming to you! You’re good , your’re good!

Look any time I get in a wreck or anything happens…. anybody in the family…anything happens…. You know that every time I am coming to you! You’re good , your’re good!

R. Davis

You are bad to the bone!

Ohhhhh thank you, Ben! Ben you know what? You are bad to the bone!


Told Me to Call

“One girl at work who handles all of the attorney cases rep’d cases told me to call, but we all knew you guys’ phone number form the commercials. So if anyone ever asked we’d always say “oh yeah… 387-2323.”

S. Hilliard

Fair and Honest

“That is why we went to you guys. I’m not the type to say “oh can I get some money out of the person”. We knew you guys would be fair and honest and give me the truth without sugar coating anything. It would either be yes or no if it was going to work. We were trusting the integrity of your firm to tell me that ..and I do. “

Sheila H.

I really appreciate y’all.

Thank you. I didn’t expect that much. I really appreciate y’all. I will definitely refer people to you all instead of my last attorney.

Angela G.


“Thanks a million”


Asset to The Company

“You (Bill) are truly an asset to that company”

Donald R.