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When you’re dealing with an injury caused by someone’s reckless actions, you deserve a team of injury attorneys who will remain dedicated to helping you fight for your compensation. Whether you’re seeking compensation for an injury resulting from a defective product, a pedestrian accident, medical malpractice, or another incident, having a team of lawyers who won’t settle for the bare minimum is instrumental in your case.

Fortunately, Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers features client-friendly policies and we are motivated by the need to help our Louisiana clients obtain fair compensation. 

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers

With over 125 years of combined legal experience, Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyer has what it takes to handle your injury claim. After our very own Spencer H. Calahan spent his early career in insurance defense, he began to despise the manipulative ways of some insurance companies. 

After our inception in 2000, we made it our goal to focus on injury claims and represent the average person going against insurance companies and other major corporations. Personal injury is our passion, and we’re proud to help countless individuals obtain compensation. 

We also like to give back to our Baton Rouge community by participating in local events at any opportunity. 

Practice Areas at Our Baton Rouge Law Firm

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers helps clients with a variety of injury cases. 

Auto Accidents

If your auto accident left you with many medical bills, an irreparable car, and other losses, you might depend on insurers to compensate you for your damages. But receiving a settlement offer that’s too low can throw a wrench into your plans. That’s when our team of car accident attorneys can help you pursue full compensation for your losses.

Medical Malpractice

When you receive subpar medical treatment that puts your health at risk, you deserve compensation for your trouble. We can help you get a fair settlement that can cover your damages. You should never have to fear treatment from the person who’s supposed to be helping you. Reaching out to one of our attorneys can help you file your claim and recover from your experience.

Truck Accidents 

Never let trucking companies get away with causing you significant damage. If your truck accident was the result of negligence on behalf of the trucker or their company, contacting us can help you fight for your compensation and get your life back on track. 

Because even a minor collision with a truck can cause significant damage to you and your family, you must receive full compensation for your losses. 

At Home in The Red Stick

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and features over 300 years of unique history and culture. From delicious food to iconic landmarks and buildings, Baton Rouge stands out as an essential part of the American identity. 

Our unique mixture of cultures and backgrounds is unlike anywhere else in the world, and we’re proud of our heritage. Even as our city continues to grow, it’s always felt like home to us.

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Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers remains proud to serve the residents of Baton Rouge. We understand how intimidating injury claims are for the average person. For this reason, our team of injury lawyers is always eager to help members of our community receive the compensation they deserve for their damages.

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