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Baton Rouge Dangerous Road Car Accident Lawyer

No matter where you drive, there are always dangers on the road that could cause an accident. Usually it’s other drivers but in some cases, the road itself could be dangerous. What happens when you’ve been involved in an accident because of the road?

This particular kind of claim can be troublesome, especially when it comes to determining fault as your vehicle is often the only one involved in the wreck. Even so, it’s possible that multiple parties are at fault, and identifying them all will be essential to the success of your claim.

Luckily, this process is made easier when you hire a Baton Rouge dangerous road car accident lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers. Our firm can do all the investigative work and uncover all of the evidence needed to bring your claim to a successful conclusion.

Who’s Responsible for Hazardous Road Conditions?

A road can be qualified as dangerous for many reasons, such as debris, potholes, uneven lanes, and steep shoulder drop-offs, but potential road hazards are many and varied. It might even be that a poorly designed curve that should have had a guardrail caused you to rollover.

In the end, it’s usually up to a city or state government to ensure that roads are maintained to safe standards. This could be contracted out to a private company, but it’s likely that your claim will need to be filed against a government agency, which requires a number of special considerations and timelines, possibly even stricter than Louisiana’s already-short one-year liberative prescription for injury claims.

You can also bet that the government agency responsible for road maintenance will have a healthy legal department, and like insurance companies, they’ll do everything they can to limit the government’s financial liability for your claim.

Injuries and Compensation

Driving down a dangerous road and subsequently being involved in an accident can cause multiple damages not just to your car, but to you, as well. In some cases, these injuries can be lifelong, so your main concern is making sure that all your needs are covered—both current and future. 

When you file an injury claim, these expenses are generally covered, however the at-fault party isn’t going to help you identify all of your damages, so it’s important to know what your claim is worth before beginning negotiations. We need to ensure that all of your financial and non-economic damages are factored into the settlement amount that you ultimately receive:

  • Emotional distress
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages and earning ability
  • Property and vehicle damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium

A dangerous road car accident doesn’t end after the crash. In many cases, the process can be tough to handle. To learn more about your specific case, contact us today.

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An accident caused by dangerous road conditions can cause more physical and mental anguish than many other car accident cases. Your Baton Rouge dangerous road car accident lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can help you through this difficult process and get the compensation you deserve.

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