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February 17, 2020

Baton Rouge Crane Accident Lawyer

Crane accidents are bound to lead to serious injuries. Victims like you can recover compensation with the help of a Baton Rouge crane injury lawyer.

To work on or operate a crane, you pretty much have to get over any fear of heights, but doing so doesn’t mean you’ll be worry-free in the case of a serious injury. Crane accident victims have been known to not only experience tremendous physical pain, but the many financial and psychological struggles that accompany it—particularly if they have no one around to help.

Fortunately, those who have been injured in the vicinity of a crane may be able to receive compensation for their injuries by filing a personal injury claim. To see what your case may be worth, contact a Baton Rouge crane accident lawyer at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers today.

Causes of Baton Rouge Crane Accidents

Although serious crane accidents are relatively rare, they can cause critical injuries to those who end up involved. In the case of a Baton Rouge crane accident, you can typically point the finger at one of two culprits:

  • The Crane’s OperatorWhen crane operators act recklessly, they have the potential to hurt not only themselves, but many others. Whether you were injured while working on or passing a construction site, you may want to look into filing a claim for compensation.
  • Poor Maintenance or ManufacturingIf a crane has been manufactured or maintained in a substandard manner, you may be able to use this fact to seek compensation for your crane accident injuries.

Compensation for Crane Accidents

In both types of cases, you will need to prove that both the injuries and losses you suffered as a result of your accident were caused partly or entirely by some other party or entity.

Examples of losses you may want to bring to your Baton Rouge crane injury attorney’s attention include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages or earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

It’s important to not only account for injuries and losses that happened at the time of your accident, but those that affect you today or are expected to affect you in the future.

Legal Considerations for Baton Rouge Crane Accident Victims

Crane accident victims would be wise to pay attention to a number of legal considerations that will likely hold relevance in their case.

For example, proving that someone else caused your crane accident in Baton Rouge is of paramount importance in Louisiana due to the use of the standard of comparative negligence.

Comparative negligence allows multiple parties to be found at fault in any given accident, meaning that your compensation may be reduced if you’re deemed partly liable (e.g., being found 40 percent responsible for your accident would reduce your damages by 40 percent).

Another important legal consideration is your case’s statute of limitations, which is typically one year in Louisiana. This simply means that any claims filed more than a year after your accident will not be considered legally valid.

Reach Out to a Baton Rouge Crane Accident Attorney

A crane accident is more than just a passing inconvenience; it can dramatically change the outlook of your life, even if you happen to have the best support and medical care on your side. While you may find that your prognosis contains no promises, seeking all of the help you can get is still well worth your time.

To see what a difference fair compensation could make, contact a Baton Rouge crane accident lawyer at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers today. Call us at 225-387-2323 or fill out the form below to request a free, no-obligation case consultation with one of our attorneys.