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Baton Rouge Child Injury Lawyer

Has your child been hurt in Baton Rouge because someone was behaving in a careless or reckless manner? Get in touch with a Baton Rouge child injury attorney at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers to learn the process of filing an injury claim on behalf of your child.

You would do everything possible to protect your child from being injured. Alas, it’s impossible to keep your child from harm 100 percent of the time. They can be injured in a Baton Rouge accident because of someone else’s negligence. You can’t control other people’s actions, but those people can be held accountable when their actions cause harm.

If your child has been hurt in Baton Rouge, you can seek justice and compensation on their behalf. You can work toward a settlement by filing a personal injury claim. 

Your claim may not be easy to win, but a Baton Rouge child injury lawyer can help with your claim. They can investigate the accident that harmed your child, gather evidence, and hold the people responsible to account for what they’ve done.

Children Can Be Hurt in a Number of Baton Rouge Accidents

Every time they leave home, your child could be injured in an accident. Sometimes, children can even be injured within the home. For instance, a dangerous appliance could cause harm to your child. If a dangerous product injures your child, a manufacturing company could be liable for the injury and the after effects.

No matter what Baton Rouge accident caused your child to be hurt, someone may be responsible. If their actions were negligent and caused your child harm, your claim or lawsuit could result in damages. This is due to the law of negligence in Louisiana. 

Here’s another example: If your child is injured at school because those in charge weren’t properly supervising an activity, the school could be held liable.

Compensation for Your Child’s Baton Rouge Injury

You and your child have suffered greatly because of this Baton Rouge accident. Your child has suffered injury, pain, and emotional trauma. They could be dealing with scarring, disfigurement, mobility issues, or permanent injury. You could be dealing with emotional trauma and financial losses.

Your Baton Rouge child personal injury attorney can help you receive a settlement to pay for all of yours and your child’s damages.

Contact a Child Injury Attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In Louisiana, you have one year to file a personal injury claim. That’s not a lot of time. Once the time limit expires, you won’t be given another chance to secure justice and financial compensation on behalf of your child. If you aren’t sure whether you have a claim, call a Baton Rouge injury lawyer to find out.

A Baton Rouge child injury lawyer at our law firm can help you understand whether you have a claim and how much it’s worth. Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can be reached through the web submission form below or by calling 225-387-2323. Take advantage of our free case consultation offer.