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Baton Rouge T-Bone Accident Lawyer

If you were T-boned in an intersection and suffered serious injuries as a result, a Baton Rouge T-bone accident lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

If you were injured in a side-impact collision, it is important to get legal representation on your side as soon as possible. Most people assume that if they were hit on the side, the other driver will be found at fault. This is not always the case, however. To protect yourself, hire a Baton Rouge T-bone accident lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers to represent you.


Why You Need to Prove Fault After a Side-Impact Collision

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to blame someone other than their client. It’s how they save money. This means that even after being T-boned, you will need to gather evidence to prove your version of events and demonstrate why the other driver was at fault. The best way to do so is to get help from a Baton Rouge T-bone accident lawyer from our office.

We will investigate your accident and review all of the available information:

If that is not enough to build a strong case, we will also conduct depositions and ask the other driver questions while he or she is under oath. This can reveal relevant information about what the driver was doing immediately before the T-bone, such as talking on a cell phone, speeding, or driving fatigued.

Once the evidence has been gathered, we can present a solid case that details why you deserve compensation.


How to Value Your T-Bone Accident Claim

To find out what your crash claim is worth, call our office. First, we will look at the nature of your injuries and if you will be able to recover from them. The longer it takes you to recover, the greater the impact on your life and finances and the higher your damages will be.

We will also calculate what your injuries have cost you by way of lost wages, transportation expenses, rehabilitation, and so on. All expenses and financial losses that are injury-related should be included when valuing your claim.


Benefits of Settling vs. Going to Court

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, there is an excellent chance that your case may settle before going to trial. If the other party’s insurance company is willing to make a fair offer, we can negotiate back and forth to get you as much money as possible. The benefit of settling is that it’s typically faster than going to court.

The benefit of a trial is that you may get more money for the injuries sustained in a side-impact collision. A jury may award funds for punitive damages that might not be offered during a settlement negotiation. We can provide a recommendation regarding whether you could get more money through settling or going to court. Ultimately, it will be your decision to make.


Consult with a Baton Rouge Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

When you need legal help after an intersection accident, call an experienced personal injury lawyer. Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers can assist you with your case and ensure that your rights are protected.

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