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Baton Rouge Sideswipe Accident Lawyer

Not all sideswipes are minor collisions. Get full compensation for your injuries by working with a Baton Rouge sideswipe accident lawyer.

Protecting your legal and financial rights after a serious sideswipe accident is important. You should also expect the driver who hit you to have an attorney or insurance company, making it critical to have your own Baton Rouge sideswipe accident lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers. Doing so will ensure that you get as much money as possible for your injury claim.

How Badly Were You Injured?

Sideswipe accidents often force a vehicle to spin out of control and wreck, sometimes causing a rollover. The force of the impact along with the vehicle movement can lead to massive spinal injuries and brain damage. How badly you were hurt will impact the amount of money you receive, but any injury requiring medical care warrants filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Don’t Settle Your Sideswipe Accident Claim Too Quickly

The other party’s insurance company may contact you to ask questions or even get you to settle. Be careful. Their objective is to pay you as little as possible for your injury claim. They may use what you say against you to try and prove that you were at fault. It is also common for insurance companies to make initial lowball settlement offers before you can find out what your claim is really worth.

Your attorney can protect you by handling all communications between you and the insurance company while also negotiating a fair settlement amount on your behalf.

Compensation You May Qualify For

In addition to getting money for your medical bills, a Baton Rouge sideswipe accident lawyer from our office can also seek compensation for the other ways that your life and finances have been impacted:

  • Pain and suffering, both emotional and physical
  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Medical devices and rehabilitative therapy
  • Transportation expenses
  • Remodeling expenses to accommodate an injury or disability
  • Counseling to address symptoms of emotional trauma

There is also the possibility of receiving punitive damages. These are damage that are not tied to any direct expenses but that are awarded to punish the negligent party for a specific behavior.

Proving Your Sideswipe Case

Before you can receive any compensation, we need to prove that someone else was at fault for your sideswipe. You can be partially responsible but still recover a settlement if someone else was more so. For example, if you were hit while going five miles over the speed limit, a jury may assign a small percentage of the blame to you while assigning the majority of the blame to the other driver.

To build a strong case, we will investigate what happened, determine what caused the accident, and identify who was involved. Sideswipe accidents often occur because another driver performs one of the following careless behaviors:

  • Ran a red light
  • Wasn’t paying attention
  • Was driving under the influence
  • Didn’t stop at a stop sign
  • Made an illegal U-turn

Proving this will require gathering evidence. We will review accident reports, photographs, and video evidence in addition to speaking with witnesses and conducting depositions.

Get Help from an Experienced Baton Rouge Sideswipe Lawyer

Don’t try to negotiate with the insurance company on your own. Instead, hire an attorney to represent you and protect your rights. You can get help from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers by calling 225-387-2323 or by completing the form below.