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Baton Rouge Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Rideshare services may be popular, but they’re also dangerous. If you were injured because of a careless rideshare driver, contact an experience lawyer for help filing a claim for your damages.

Have you ever used a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft in Baton Rouge? If you answered yes, then you’re apart of the millions of people who are embracing a new form of transportation.

Ten years ago, the concept of having a stranger transport you in an unbranded car might be considered insane. Today, it’s encouraged to trust a random stranger to drive you home instead of taking public transportation or driving yourself. The rideshare industry has become an innovative force that continues to dominate public transportation. 

But, what happens when you are involved in a Baton Rouge car accident caused by either your rideshare driver or another driver? Although most rideshare services feature liability insurance, filing a direct claim against a large rideshare company isn’t easy. Although your options may seem limited, calling a Baton Rouge rideshare accident lawyer can help you feel informed about your next step.

The Inexperience of Baton Rouge Rideshare Drivers

Unlike other public forms of Baton Rouge transportation, such as bus drivers or taxi drivers, rideshare drivers don’t undergo any significant training for their positions. Yes, many people can earn extra income, but this puts you at risk of encountering irresponsible drivers.

Never forget that you’re at the mercy of your rideshare driver. They often work long hours to make more money, which means they could be driving while drowsy. Many rideshare drivers are distracted by their phone, always anticipating the next job. In extreme situations, you could get a driver who is under the influence while transporting you. 

Another potential danger of using a rideshare service are other drivers. Even if your rideshare driver is practicing safe driving, you’re always at risk of being struck by another driver. Remember, you’re never safe from the reckless actions of other drivers, and using a rideshare service only limits the amount of control you have during your auto accident.

What Are Your Options After a Baton Rouge Rideshare Accident?

Did you know that most rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have liability insurance, which can offer up to $1 million in coverage? Coverage begins as soon as you enter your Uber or Lyft driver’s vehicle and ends once you reach your destination. 

But, who covers your damages if another driver strikes your rideshare vehicle? Luckily most rideshare services feature what known as uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) insurance coverage up to $1 million.

Why would anyone pursue rideshare services directly when they have generous liability policies? Although it’s true that some rideshare accidents have resulted in significant settlements for the victims, not all settlement offers will be as substantial. Rideshare companies are businesses and won’t always offer satisfying compensation.

You always have the option of filing a claim against rideshare companies directly, but this will be difficult. Rideshare companies are masters of deflection. A Baton Rouge rideshare accident attorney can help navigate confusing insurance policies and work to negotiate the fair and full settlement you deserve. 

Reach Out to a Baton Rouge Rideshare Accident Attorney

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers will fight for your right to compensation for your rideshare accident damages. All car accidents are stressful, but rideshare accidents likely come with more obstacles between you and a full recovery.

With a Baton Rouge rideshare accident lawyer, you’ll understand your options in the aftermath of your accident. You can call 225-387-2323 to speak with one of our Baton Rouge rideshare accident attorneys. There’s also an online contact form you can fill out at the bottom of this page.