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Baton Rouge Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

A Baton Rouge parking lot crash attorney from our office can make sure you get nothing less than the compensation you deserve.

Have you been injured in a parking lot? Then it probably won’t surprise you to learn that parking lot accidents are pretty common here. Although parking lot crashes may seem like they would only result in minor fender-benders, that’s not always the case.

Serious injuries and even death can occur in a parking lot collision. And your losses can add up fast, including medical costs, missed wages, mental anguish, physical suffering, and property damage. Call a Baton Rouge parking lot accident lawyer with Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers to recover the damages your accident has caused you.

What Kinds of Accidents Occur in Baton Rouge Parking Lots?

One common accident type that probably springs to mind when thinking of parking lot wrecks is when someone backs into another person’s vehicle. Distracted driving is a major cause of collisions in parking lots and garages.

The driver may be backing out of a spot and trying to find a radio station at the same time, not realizing that a vehicle is passing behind his or her car. Bam!

Below is a table of common parking lot and parking garage accidents in Baton Rouge, as well as an example of what could have caused each type of crash.

Accident Type Example Cause for the Accident
Head-on collision Distracted driving
Rear-end collision Following too closely
Sideswipe accident Reckless driving
Loss of vehicle control Drunk driving
Backing into another vehicle or pedestrian Distracted driving
Swinging too widely when parking Reckless driving
Didn’t see the other vehicle Missing signs or poorly lit lot

The Role of Negligence in Baton Rouge Parking Lot Crash Cases

When another person has hurt you, Louisiana law allows you to recover compensation in civil court for all of your losses. Even if the driver didn’t intend to harm you, if his or her negligent actions caused you to be injured in a Baton Rouge parking lot, he or she is still responsible for your injuries and related damages.  

By negotiating with the driver’s insurance company, you can receive a fair settlement for all the suffering and monetary losses this accident has caused you. A parking lot accident lawyer in Baton Rouge can help with that.

Meet with a Baton Rouge Parking Lot Accident Attorney

Parking garage crashes are often caused by negligence, and if your injuries were the result of a careless driver, you can be compensated. Filing a personal injury claim with the help of a qualified attorney can ensure that you receive fair compensation.

You can rest assured that you’ll be well-represented with Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers on your side. We can get you a better settlement than what the insurance company initially offered—even with attorney fees deducted.

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