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Baton Rouge Car Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

The medical bills and other losses that result from a broken bone suffered in an auto wreck can be every bit as expensive and traumatic as other injury types. Get the most for your claim by working with a Baton Rouge car accident broken bone lawyer.

Car accidents can result in any number of different injury types, and while broken bones and fractures might seem like some of the least serious, this simply isn’t the case. Not only are these bone injuries painful, but they also greatly interfere with your day-to-day life and make it a challenge to earn an income.

If you didn’t cause your auto wreck, then you also didn’t cause your bone injury, which means that you can seek compensation from the person or entity that did. A Baton Rouge car accident broken bone lawyer can get you the largest settlement available for your injury and losses, allowing you to move on from an unfortunate event.


The High Price of Bone Fractures

Because broken bones are so common, they can seem deceptively simple and not serious. However, there are a large number of negative repercussions that will follow a bone fracture, and they can impact both your professional and private lives.

For example a minor fracture or basic closed break will usually heal in time, but you’ll probably need to wear a cast or brace while it does. This will likely inhibit your range of motion and limit the physical activities that you can perform. If any of this interferes with your job, you could be facing a significant amount of lost income while you recover.

A more severe bone injury, such as an open fracture, could expose you to an infection that will require a great deal of expensive medical care and inflict tremendous pain and suffering. A crushed bone or particularly bad break might require surgery and pins and screws to bring all of the pieces back into alignment. After a bone injury of this magnitude, you might suffer a permanent disability or be at high risk for a re-injury later.


Negotiating a Settlement for Your Crash-Related Bone Injury

Obtaining a settlement for a broken bone sustained in a car accident usually means going through the at-fault party’s insurance company. This can be good in that they’ll have the funds needed to compensate you fully, but bad in that they aren’t going to pay you more than they absolutely have to.

In order to maximize your settlement, we’ll need to develop the strongest case possible that fully demonstrates how you weren’t at fault for what happened, what your medical needs are, and how your life will be affected by your broken bone or fracture.

With a compelling case, there’s a high probability that the insurance will offer a fair settlement without court being necessary. If they won’t treat you fairly, then we can take our case to trial in order to win a favorable verdict from a jury.


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