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Baton Rouge Car Accident Amputation Lawyer

While serious car accidents are most often associated with catastrophic injuries such as brain damage and paralyzing spinal trauma, these certainly aren’t the only injuries that can occur. Limb loss, whether from a traumatic amputation or a surgery after the wreck, can be every bit as life changing.

If you’ve suffered an amputation because of a crash, you deserve to be compensated for what you’ve experienced and how your life has been altered. Getting fair and full compensation is almost never easy, however.

In order to keep the insurance company honest, you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side. By working with a Baton Rouge car accident amputation lawyer from Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, you can have a team ready to fight for what you deserve. 

Limb Loss Will Change Your Life

When a limb is lost in a tragic car accident, even simple tasks can become problematic to impossible. From tying shoes to bathing to cooking dinner, new ways of doing things have to be found.

An amputation can greatly restrict the sort of activities that you take part in, depriving you of pastimes that once gave your life meaning. It can also damage your personal relationships, possibly even your marriage.

The cost that limb loss can inflict on your enjoyment of life can be tremendous—and all at no fault of your own. This emotional distress and pain and suffering make up what are known as non-economic damages, and they should all be factored into the compensation you receive for the accident.

The Financial Cost of an Amputation

Of course, the damage done by an amputation doesn’t stop at your enjoyment of life. Put bluntly, losing a limb is expensive. Whether your amputation occurred in the crash or during a surgery later, the medical care required will be extensive, likely resulting in a never-ending stream of medical bills.

Depending on your line of work and whether you lost a hand, foot, arm, or leg, you might no longer be able to continue in your current career. This lost income and earning potential, as well as the cost of retraining or returning to school, should also be considered in your settlement.

Your attorney will work with you to uncover all of the expenses incurred by your limb loss, including your future needs. These are just a few of the additional costs you might be facing:

  • Prosthetic limbs
  • Mobility equipment
  • Car repair or replacement
  • Renovations made to your home or vehicle
  • Caretaker expenses
  • Transportation costs

Connect with a Baton Rouge Auto Wreck Amputation Attorney

Few injuries are as serious and life changing as losing a limb. Don’t let your damages and losses go uncompensated, and don’t risk accepting an inadequate settlement offer.

Instead, work with Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers and fight for what you deserve. Schedule a free consultation by completing the form on this page or by calling 225-387-2323.