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What Constitutes A Wrongful Death?



One of the practice areas on which we focus at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers is wrongful death. It’s often how many people we meet who assume that they have no recourse for the death of their loved one, even though they’re very skeptical of the circumstances under which it occurred. In this post, we’ll attempt to clarify the types of situations that can be classified as wrongful death, and why it’s essential to involve a personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge if you think a wrongful death has occurred.

Not All Fatalities Are The Same

The accepted definition of a wrongful death happens “when a person dies due to the legal fault of another person.” Many are surprised to learn that this type of lawsuit is a fairly new allowance. Under the common law of England (the laws which transferred to America when colonized) it was not possible to sue because of a wrongful death. However, in the last century, it was recognized that the public should have some kind of legal recourse against people or entities whose action, inaction, or misconduct, results in the death of another.

Don’t Let Wrongful Death Go Unpunished

Although wrongful death often involves incidents that occur when someone is getting medical care, “wrongful death claims involve all types of fatal accidents from simple car accidents to complicated medical malpractice or product liability cases.”

If you’ve recently had a loved one pass away, and suspect that their death was not accidental but rather the fault of a person or entity, contact Spencer Calahan, trusted personal injury lawyers in Baton Rouge.