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Walker Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you’re looking into the process of achieving justice for your loved one, contact a Walker wrongful death attorney at our firm to discuss the option of a wrongful death claim.

The death of a beloved family member is one of the worst experiences you can encounter. You want to ensure your loved one’s death does not go unpunished, but your only option for justice might be a civil claim. Sometimes, the person who causes another’s death can be held accountable only through the civil claim process.

You are probably grieving right now, and you may need some help with your Walker claim. Talk to a Walker wrongful death lawyer at Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers to begin the process of filing a claim for wrongful death.

What Is the Definition of Wrongful Death in Walker, LA?

Wrongful death is when a person’s death was caused by someone’s negligent or wrongful actions, such as a drowsy truck driver. Their actions might not have been deliberate or criminal, yet your loved one would still be alive if not for that person’s actions. In some cases, companies can be held accountable for wrongful actions just like individuals can.

Parties Who Can Bring a Walker Fatal Accident Claim

Not just any person can bring a wrongful death claim in Walker. Not every death qualifies for a wrongful death claim, either. Your loved one’s death must have been caused by wrongful or careless actions. In Louisiana, family members are the ones who can file a wrongful death claim. 

Your Walker fatal accident attorney will know whether you qualify and will help you file your case. Here are the people who are recognized under the law as qualified to file a Walker fatal accident claim:

  • The deceased person’s spouse
  • The deceased person’s children
  • Siblings of the deceased
  • Grandparents of the deceased
  • Adopted family, in some cases

Compensation in a Walker Wrongful Death Case

The family members left behind after a person dies are the ones who suffer the most. They are often left with expensive medical bills, lost income, and funeral and burial costs. The family should not have to suffer because of the careless actions of the person who caused the death. Your Walker wrongful death claim should account for all you and your family have suffered.

Here are some of the damages often paid out in Walker wrongful death claims.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost income
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of the value of household services
  • Grief and anguish

Speak to a Wrongful Death Attorney in Walker, Louisiana 

You should know that in Walker, Louisiana you have only one year to file a fatal accident claim. This is known as the statute of limitations. If you are considering filing a claim but aren’t sure whether your case qualifies, reach out to a lawyer. It won’t cost you anything to talk with a Walker attorney at our firm as we offer free case consultations.

To reach a Walker wrongful death lawyer, call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers at 225-387-2323 or fill in the internet form below.