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How to Maximize Your Personal Injury Settlement


If you’ve suffered injuries and other types of damages from an accident caused by someone else, you deserve nothing less than your full personal injury settlement. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies apply resistance when it comes to compensating accident victims. They might try to take advantage of your lack of legal support to present an initial offer that does not cover your losses fully.

Read on to understand how to maximize your personal injury settlement.

How Can I Get the Most from My Injury Settlement?

Listed below are five ways to help you get the personal injury settlement you deserve. 

Get Medical Attention Immediately

Seeking medical evaluation after an accident is important for your well-being. It can also maximize the amount of the settlement you receive.

The doctor’s reports and bills will serve as evidence to prove the extent of your injuries. A personal injury attorney can also use this information to determine the possibility of future damages and include it in your settlement.  

Retain Any Evidence You Have

In the digital age, it’s common and even recommended to take pictures of an accident scene and other important information like license plates. If you were not too shaken to take such pictures after the crash, preserve them well as evidence.

In the case of eyewitnesses, an injury attorney can pursue and collect reliable witness statements to build on your case. 

Calculate the Full Value of Your Claim

After you’ve received medical care, you’ll be in a better position to calculate the total value of your claim. This is usually the sum of both economic and non-economic damages caused by the accident. 

Each accident is unique, so unfortunately, it might be difficult to find your claim’s worth without help. An injury lawyer will factor in all losses that require compensation, including future losses.

Don’t Wait Too Long to File a Claim

File your personal injury claim against the negligent party immediately after receiving medical care. If you wait too long, the insurance company might argue your case was not too dire, justifying their option to award you a low offer. 

For cases involving serious injuries, an attorney can help you file the claim on time and within the statute of limitations.

Be Wary of the First Offer

After notifying the insurance company, an adjuster might call you with an offer to settle the issue. However, this initial amount is usually just a way for insurance companies to avoid paying the full compensation. 

Whether or not you accept this offer will depend on whether it amounts to your claim’s total value.    

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Working toward maximizing your personal injury settlement while also healing from an accident can be overwhelming. Without legal support, you might end up accepting a low-value amount just because you didn’t know better.  

Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to help you get the most from your settlement. Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers are always ready to talk about your case. Call 225-387-2323 or fill out the contact form below now to speak to an attorney.