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Understanding Damages in Louisiana Personal Injury Claims

When you’re severely injured due to an unexpected catastrophic accident, the physical and emotional recovery process can take months and sometimes years. Depending on the injuries you’ve experienced, you may be out of work without the ability to earn a steady income. The accumulation of medical expenses will begin to pile up over time, and […]

How to Avoid Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

They say that with no other drivers on the road, the possibility of you crashing your motorcycle would be pretty slim. That’s because it’s often the other people on the road who cause motorcycle wrecks—not the motorcyclists themselves. There are many practices that you probably already engage in to keep yourself safe while riding your […]

Offshore Injury Claims Are Handled Differently from Workers Comp Claims

If you work in or around navigable waters, then you may be familiar with the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, both of which provide compensation to injured maritime workers while they’re recovering from their injuries. Laws That Protect Maritime Employees The Jones Act protects those who work on a vessel […]