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Can Sex Abuse Victims Seek Compensation from Their Abusers?

If you have been sexually abused, you may be wondering whether you can hold your abuser financially accountable in civil court. Hopefully, all sexual predators will be caught and sent to prison, but criminal punishment for the perpetrator doesn’t always allow the victim to put his or her life back together. Knowing the abuser is […]

Things to Know About Medical Malpractice

The first time most people give any thought to what medical malpractice is and how it’s handled under the law is when they find themselves facing a situation where pursuing a medical malpractice claim might be appropriate. Some medical malpractice concerns can be complicated, but understanding the basics isn’t difficult. What Is Medical Malpractice? If […]

Recovering Compensation After a Single-Car Crash

When you think of the car accidents involved in personal injury cases, you probably picture a reckless driver slamming into an unsuspecting motorist and causing injuries and property damage. Many of the cases we handle involve situations just like that, but not every car accident injury claim has to involve two or more vehicles. Unfortunately, […]