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Can Sex Abuse Victims Seek Compensation from Their Abusers?


If you have been sexually abused, you may be wondering whether you can hold your abuser financially accountable in civil court. Hopefully, all sexual predators will be caught and sent to prison, but criminal punishment for the perpetrator doesn’t always allow the victim to put his or her life back together.

Knowing the abuser is behind bars certainly makes victims feel safer and gives them a sense of justice, but the victims’ lives are often still in shambles after being sexually abused. Victims of sexual abuse may struggle for years to find a sense of normalcy.

Part of the problem is that their experience affects their lives in more ways than the sexual, mental, and emotional trauma they’ve suffered. It’s a cause-and-effect situation, with the trauma impacting many other areas of the victims’ lives—and that includes financial effects.

For example, when you can’t function mentally and emotionally because of what you’ve been through, you won’t be able to hold down a stable job, financially impacting your life. If you don’t have job stability, you can’t find a decent home, and so on. But the possibility of a successful personal injury claim is a glimmer of hope for many victims.

What Can Help Victims of Sexual Abuse Put Their Lives Back Together?

It’s said that money makes the world go ‘round, and, for better or worse, that’s often true. Victims of sexual abuse may need monetary compensation in order to get their lives back on track. The abuse they’ve suffered has likely caused financial and non-financial losses.

For example, after being sexually assaulted, it’s likely that a victim will require the services of a mental health professional. Therapy costs money. This is just one example of a financial loss the victim has had to absorb due to the abuse he or she should never have had to suffer in the first place.  

One of the ways to allow sexual abuse victims to move past their experience is to provide them with the money they need to get on with their lives. Filing a claim against the abuser in civil court allows the victim to seek compensation for the emotional, physical, and mental trauma he or she has suffered.

The following are some of the monetary and non-monetary losses victims of sexual abuse will often incur:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental trauma
  • Missed wages
  • Mental health treatment
  • Medical expenses

Personal Injury Claims Can Compensate Sexual Assault Victims for Their Losses

But how do victims obtain the compensation they need for all they’ve lost?

They can file a personal injury claim. Filing against the abuser could be appropriate in some cases, especially if the abuser has financial resources. If the abuser doesn’t have financial resources, you may still be able to pursue compensation from others who had a responsibility to stop the abuse you suffered.

Who else could be held accountable for your sexual abuse? It depends on each unique case, but those in charge of the following could be liable for the sexual abuse of a victim, in addition to the actual perpetrator:

  • Day care centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Churches
  • Jails
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

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