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Can I Change My Accident Lawyer?


When most people are involved in a life-threatening accident, they panic and hire the first lawyer they contact. Navigating an insurance claim is no simple task. When you hire the wrong lawyer, you may not realize it until several weeks or months after the accident which could jeopardize the outcome of your claim.

For example, a lawyer who never returns your calls. If the lawyer has yet to notify you of the statute of limitation, or you are told they are busy each time you call the office, it is within your right to find another attorney.

Accident claims such as personal injuries are time-sensitive, and the period will depend on the state. You need a lawyer who understands this and is also available to stay in touch to update you about the claims progress.

Can I Change My Accident Attorney?

The answer to this question is yes! This is especially so if the current lawyer is too busy for you, or you simply feel they do not have your best interest at heart.

You can also decide to change your lawyer if they are not returning your calls or emails. Other reasons for hiring a new lawyer are:

  • The strategy used is questionable
  • You are being pressurized to accept a settlement
  • The lawyer is incapacitated
  • The lawyer is not explaining the proceedings of the case
  • You don’t trust the lawyer

How to Change an Accident Lawyer

This will depend on two main factors, the stage of your case and the state your case heard. It is much easier to change a lawyer when a claim is yet to be filed. If the lawsuit is already filed, you will need a substitution of counsel. This is a formal notice issued to the court to notify it you are changing your legal representation.

If the case is yet to start, then you do not have to file this notice. The new lawyer will notify all involved parties that they will now be representing you. However, if you have an impending invoice with your original lawyer, you will be required to pay for the service rendered.

Reasons That May Prevent You From Switching Lawyers

Though the sixth amendment gives you the right to choose your counsel, some circumstances may make it difficult for you to change your attorney. For example, if the court believes you are changing your accident lawyer to cause a delay, it may not approve your request.

Also, you can not work with a lawyer who has a conflict of interest in the case. For example, you can’t hire a lawyer who works for the accused or conflicts with the judge.

Get in Touch with a Competent Accident Lawyer

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