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Baton Rouge Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Those responsible for sexual abuse should not go unpunished. Holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions or failure to act can provide a sense of justice and prevent future harm. A Baton Rouge sex abuse lawyer can help.

Sexual abuse is a serious criminal offense, and offenders, if convicted, will be held to account in the criminal court system. Victims can also recover monetary compensation in civil court.

For instance, if the abuser used his or her employment to perpetrate the abuse, such as while working in a position of power or authority, the victim could sue the employer or institution where the offender was working. In some cases, the employer can be held liable for the employee’s misdeeds and be forced to compensate the victim.

There are many other types of sex abuse cases, and we can help with them. To discuss your sex abuse case with a Baton Rouge sexual abuse lawyer, contact Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers. We can assist you with filing a claim against the responsible parties to recover compensation for your sexual abuse and trauma.

Sexual Abuse Cases in Baton Rouge

Sexual abuse can take many forms. Abuse is defined as any sexual behavior toward another without his or her consent. It can be forced, coerced, or inflicted upon a person who is considered incapable of consent, including children and the elderly.

Some types of sexual abuse cases in Baton Rouge include the following:

  • Molestation
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual abuse of the elderly
  • Child sexual abuse

Settings Where Abuse Can Occur

Unfortunately, some individuals are vulnerable to sexual abuse because of their inability to defend themselves. Authority figures who are meant to care for these defenseless people sometimes abuse their power and commit atrocities like sexual abuse or violence.

The following are some of the settings where sexual abuse can take place in Baton Rouge:

  • Nursing homes
  • Day care centers
  • Foster homes
  • Schools
  • Extracurricular activity environments
  • Churches
  • Doctor offices
  • Jails
  • Psychologist or therapist offices
  • Workplaces

Why File a Personal Injury Claim for Sexual Abuse in Baton Rouge?

Filing a personal injury claim may seem difficult after everything you’ve been through, but in many cases, the victim will not need to go to court to recover compensation.

Negotiating with the other side can allow the victim to obtain a fair settlement, and a Baton Rouge sexual abuse attorney can handle negotiations on the victim’s behalf. Your abuse case can allow you or your loved one to recover losses, such as medical costs, mental anguish, mental health services, missed wages, and pain and suffering.

Taking your case to civil court can also hold the company that employed the offender responsible for any failure to act. Otherwise, the company could allow this horrendous trauma to happen to someone else.

Reach Out to a Baton Rouge Sex Abuse Attorney

To speak with a Baton Rouge sexual abuse lawyer in a free, confidential case discussion, call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers at 225-387-2323. You can also fill out the contact form on this page. We will do everything in our power to fight for the victim’s right to recover fair compensation from the responsible parties.