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When you are injured from a car accident, your stress can pile up quickly. From medical bills and lost wages,  to physical and emotional pain for you and your family, things quickly become unbearable. This is where insurance companies are supposed to come into play and offer a helping hand. Unfortunately, most people do not receive the compensation they need to cover all od their losses.  Whether you have been injured in a car accident, on the job, or anyplace else and another party is at fault Calahan Injury Attorneys will stand up for you. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge is the only way to guarantee this will happen. If you’re looking for representation for an auto accident claim because of a careless driver, or even a medical malpractice claim due to a negligent medical worker, do not hesitate to call Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers.

Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers opened in 2000 after Spencer Calahan spent the first years of his legal career in the field of insurance defense. Before opening the practice, Spencer observed the questionable actions and tactics being used by some insurance companies in personal injury cases. Bothered by insurance companies bullying injured victims, Spencer decided to utilize his legal talents to represent the interests of the victims and their families. At Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers, we know how to anticipate and handle the strategies employed by large corporations and insurance companies. When you need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Baton Rouge that specializes in personal injury cases, Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers will fight for you!